About Crawick

The Crawick Multiverse is a hidden gem nested in a bowl of rolling hills in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway (Upper Nithsdale).

This major land restoration project, on the Duke of Buccleuch’s Queensberry Estate has transformed a former open cast coal mine into a spectacular artland and public amenity.

The ecology of the site, and the materials found within it, inspired its design which is based around space, astronomy and cosmology.

Today the site is cared for by the Crawick Artland Trust, a charity registered in Scotland (SCO39940). By visiting, you are helping preserve and maintain Crawick Multiverse for the present and for future generations to come.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 2,000 boulders have been used to create the Crawick Multiverse site
  • The Sun amphitheatre can hold 5,000 spectators
  • The north-south line comprises approximately 300 boulders
  • The site spans approximately 55 acres
  • The Northpoint provides a 20-mile 360 degree panoramic view
  • Around 300 boulders were used to create the Multiverse landform

Hear The Duke of Buccleuch talk about the Multiverse’s development in the video below: