Crawick Multiverse is an amazing land art installation for you to explore and enjoy.  Whether you are interested in cosmology, science, art or just want to walk your dog and savour the beautiful landscape we look forward to welcoming you.

The Crawick Multiverse is now closed for the Winter season.

The site does remain accessible to visitors, at own risk. Our ticket office is closed and there are no staff on site, except for occasional maintenance, therefore we cannot offer any maps or information. The car park is open and toilet facilities are available.

We will reopen fully in April 2020. There are lots of exciting plans for next year, check our social media for updates throughout the winter as these progress.


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Reflecting on the loss of Charles Jencks, the creative mind and passion which created the Crawick Multiverse, our gratitude for his life knows no bounds. His vision, articulation, intellect and indefatigable enthusiasm to engage with a digger, much in evidence earlier this year on site, will continue to inspire us all. We shall not look on his like again.