A day in the life: Crawick Multiverse volunteer

27th July, 2017

An aspiring tour guide had the chance to gain valuable work experience at Crawick Multiverse recently. Logan Erskine, 21, from Kelloholm, completed a 25 hour work placement across three days at the stunning artland on his doorstep. He had the opportunity to learn about the daily tasks and behind-the-scenes work which goes into maintaining this… Read More »

Cosmic Conversations Turn to the Supernatural in Sanquhar

14th July, 2017

The second in a summer season of fascinating talks at A’ the Airts introduces mysterious tales of the Devil, witches and hauntings The second in this summer’s series of Cosmic Conversations in Sanquhar will conjure up tales of witches and the Devil himself. The public talks, at A’ the Airts community arts and crafts centre,… Read More »

Out of this world education at Crawick

7th July, 2017

A world-class Scottish artland has launched its annual outdoor education programme and is urging educators to get in touch and find out more. School children, university students and groups from a range of organisations can immerse themselves in the great outdoors and take part in a unique educational experience amidst the galaxies of Crawick Multiverse.… Read More »

Cosmic Conversations Start with a Trip Back to the Killing Times

6th July, 2017

A summer season of fascinating talks at A’ the Airts in Sanquhar The first in this summer’s series of Cosmic Conversations in Sanquhar will involve a trip back to the Killing Times, one of the most notorious periods in Scottish History. The public talks, at A’ the Airts community arts and crafts centre, are being… Read More »

Cosmic Collisions Goes with a Big Bang at Crawick Multiverse

30th June, 2017

Next comes a summer of Cosmic Conversations at A’ the Airts Last weekend saw a spectacular costumed performance plus the unveiling of a new installation by celebrated land artist Charles Jencks at Crawick Multiverse. They were part of Cosmic Collisions, a two-day celebration of art, architecture and science involving leading international figures, taking place in… Read More »

Norse Legend Plus Galactic Collisions at Crawick Multiverse

19th June, 2017

Create a virtual universe, see spectacular costumed performance and hear talks by leading space scientists at cosmic event in Sanquhar. Spectacular costumed performers and the unveiling of a major new artwork at Crawick Multiverse will be at the heart of Scotland’s Cosmic Collisions this weekend. The event will also include talks by leading international space… Read More »

Origami Universe and Boulders From Mars in Cosmic Collisions

15th June, 2017

Scientists at Scottish event exploring the fundamental secrets of the universe say it’s a great time to get involved in space research Scientists who are helping unlock the secrets of our solar system and the nature of the universe will be among the star attractions at Scotland’s Cosmic Collisions event. An exhibition linked to the… Read More »

Unicorn sets flight from Crawick to Dalkeith

13th June, 2017

Earlier this year, Crawick Multiverse became home to Scotland’s national animal as a 7ft unicorn sculpture was unveiled within the 55-acre artland in Dumfries & Galloway. The mythical creature, created by willow artist Woody Fox, attracted thousands of visitors to the site in Sanquhar after it’s unveiling on National Unicorn Day in April, but now… Read More »

Scottish Creative Collision of US Artist & European Space Scientist

12th June, 2017

Libeskind brother and sister join forces with their famous architect father for art exhibition and talks exploring the nature of our universe New York-based artist Rachel Libeskind and her cosmologist brother Noam are undertaking their first creative collaboration for an exhibition exploring the nature and origins of the universe. Another contributor will be their father… Read More »

Pupils in Cosmic Collision with Top Space Scientists

7th June, 2017

Sanquhar Academy and Wallace Hall Academy students among the speakers at event featuring internationally renowned astrophysicists Three Dumfries and Galloway teenagers are to speak alongside scientists involved in some of the greatest recent research breakthroughs into the origins and nature of the universe. The Cosmic Collisions event in Sanquhar includes activities at Crawick Multiverse and… Read More »