Launch Event

“The audience are on a journey: passing through space and time” – Alex Rigg, Creative Director

On Sunday 21 June we invite you to join us on a journey through space and time and be amongst the first visitors to discover Crawick Multiverse.


Creating a series of emotive performances in response to this unique site, Alex Rigg’s Oceanallover and a cast of 30 dancers and musicians will connect the audience to the area’s rich heritage, evoking the spirit of the land and the mysteries of the Multiverse.

The site and landforms are huge and inspirational and the opening event will be an opportunity to experience this new phenomenon for the first time. Oceanallover will present a performance that helps to make a link between people and landscape, inviting the audience to look at forms of earth, rock and sky alongside those of the human body. Both audience and performers will pass through the Crawick Multiverse like a comet passing between the stars and planets, tails streaming away from the sun on a journey whose beginning and end are unknown.

There will be three sessions over the afternoon;

1200 – 1400 / 1400 – 1600 / 1600 – 1800

with the same performances repeated, though not one experience will be the same.

The Burning of the Multiverse

At 1800 there will be a ceremonial burning of the Multiverse which visitors to all sessions are invited to stay for.

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