Crawick Multiverse Landforms

Crawick Multiverse was created primarily using materials found on-site, including thousands of boulders which were half-buried below the surface of the ground.

These materials have been used to create a striking landscape of distinctive landforms, and each one represents astronomical and cosmological features and theories.

Pathways around the site connect its four ecologies of grassland, mountains, a water gorge and a desert, taking you on a journey past galaxies, universes, comets and more. The ‘high road’ through the site takes you along the ridge to the site’s highest point for a dramatic panoramic view, whilst the ‘low road’ is a more gentle walk which gives you a choice of routes.

Download a map of the site before your visit here (PDF).

Learn more about the key features and their inspiration by clicking each link below:


Two Galaxy Mounds – Andromeda and The Milky Way

North-South Path




Belvedere and Void

Comet Walk